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  • discussion page Talk:Rillia
    new comment by Kintoun42 19 hours ago
    Comment: Well, what would you like me to add then?
  • discussion page Talk:Rillia
    new comment by CogWorks 1 day ago
    Comment: Quality article that tells us alot about the chat that we can easily search up on the damn bot
  • edit Rillia
    edited by Kintoun42 2 days ago diff
  • new page Rillia
    created by Kintoun42 2 days ago
    New page: Rillia Edit Bio: Edit Name: Rillia Age: 25 Race: Succubus Sex: Female Sexuality: Demisexual(?) Height: 5'6" Weight: 140lbs
    Summary: -Added Page -Added basic bio info
    Added category: Characters

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