the planet of the Timelords, and home world of Maxidrell and Runtriskdalore

Gallifrey is a planet orbiting the habitable zone of a binary star system.


The Gallifreyan Govornement was ruled by a monarchical leader, Rassilon. his title was "lord president" and he was the one ruler of everything. the High Council did have authority to kick him out but never did. he was on the side of the time war opposing the Daleks, and on the side of the Gallifreyan civil was opposing the rebels. at the end of the great time war, the Gallifreyans lost, and their world was sealed with a forcefield that was near-impenetrable.

physical attributes:

red and orange if seen from space. Gallifrey had many rolling fields and endless deserts. there were a few larger cities, outposts, and military bases, but the largest and most important was the capitol, where the High Council, Rassilon, and other important members of society resided. this as Runtriskdalore's childhood home.